Prime Minister Andrej Plenković in Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Screenshot: HRT) Prime Minister Andrej Plenković in Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Screenshot: HRT)

In his address Prime Minister Andrej Plenković made it clear that Croatia is not only a neighboring country, but one that is a close ally of Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially in terms of its Euro-Atlantic integration.

"What I want to reiterate, as I do every time I come to Bosnia and Herzegovina, is that I am coming here as the prime minister of a country that is a great friend and supporter of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I friend to all three constituent peoples, Muslims, Croats and Serbs, and all those who live in Bosnia and Herzegovina. That is the key to understanding Croatia's position towards Bosnia and Herzegovina. This applies to all areas of our cooperation and our advocacy of Bosnia and Herzegovina's progress on the international level," Plenković said.

The Chair of the Croatian National Assembly of Croatian political parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dragan Čović, emphasized the need to change his country’s election law and constitution in order to achieve true equality among all three constituent peoples.

"We are looking for partners with whom we can create an atmosphere through which we can change the election law and very shortly Bosnia and Herzegovina's constitution, and in this search for solutions, we are working with our partners, the other two constituent peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We have no other option," Čović warned.

Source: HRT