Croatian Army (Photo: Hrvoje Jelavic/PIXSELL) Croatian Army (Photo: Hrvoje Jelavic/PIXSELL)

After member states received a near-ultimatum from the US and NATO in late October to raise their defense spending to 2% of GDP, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković is expected to commit Croatia to reaching that goal by 2024 on Wednesday. This would raise Croatia's defense spending by some 40%, up to 9.7 billion Kuna annually.

Prime Minister Plenković feels that the cost of NATO membership is well worth it. "What is important for us is that the Croatian Army is the guarantor of our security, thanks first and foremost to the sacrifice of our Homeland War veterans. Membership in NATO and article 5 give us that key umbrella of collective security, which will definitely, today and in the future, prevent any kind of situation or aggression against Croatia like we had in the early 90's."

Source: HRT