MOST party leader Božo Petrov (Photo: HRT) MOST party leader Božo Petrov (Photo: HRT)

“The government has rejected our changes to the election law and thus demonstrated that only the current system is suitable to them and they don’t want change,” said Božo Petrov, whose party proposed three preferential votes at parliamentary elections, electronic voting, decreasing the number of parliament representatives and harmonizing the size of electoral districts.

“Today the government rejected our proposal for citizens to choose their representatives by name and surname, and this five days after they swept the floor with 400 000 citizens’ signatures that demanded a referendum on this same topic. The government does not want change, this system is only suitable to them and all else is a smoke screen and performance,” noted Petrov in hopes that citizens will remember that the government actually does not want to improve democracy.  

“We proposed three preferential votes but the government rejected them, along with electronic voting. This means that they have written off all the youth that emigrated out of Croatia. They also rejected our proposal for all electoral districts to be worth the same, meaning, this is the government’s fight for survival and remainder in power,” believes Petrov.

Source: HRT