(Photo: Ziga Zivulovic jr/PIXSELL) (Photo: Ziga Zivulovic jr/PIXSELL)

These upcoming elections will be the tenth parliamentary elections since the first multi-party elections held in 1990. Citizens will be responsible for electing the 151 members of the Croatian Parliament-140 MPs will be elected from geographical electoral districts in Croatia, three will be chosen by the Croatian diaspora and eight members of parliament will come from the ranks of citizens registered as belonging to any of the 22 constitutionally recognized national minorities.

Lawmakers voted to dissolve parliament on Monday, leading to the president's decision which goes into effect on June 2nd. Political parties and independent candidates will then have two weeks in order to submit their list of candidates to the State Electoral Commission. The Commission will then have 48 hours in which to publish the list of valid candidates, thus launching the official campaign period.

Although Croatia continues to record daily coronavirus cases in the low single digits, the July elections will be noticeably different due to the pandemic. Exactly how different will be determined by the State Electoral Commission and the public health authorities.

Source: HRT