Croatian Parliament (Photo: Patrik Macek/PIXSELL) Croatian Parliament (Photo: Patrik Macek/PIXSELL)

Parliament today voted in a series of amendments to the law on the privatization of the INA oil and gas company. HDZ MP Branko Bačić says the amendments are designed to harmonize the law with EU legislation. "With these amendments, we are harmonizing the law on INA's privatization with the EU's body of law, and simultaneously, again, in line with EU legislation, it allows Croatia to protect its interests in INA, while on the other hand allowing for the secure supply of energy."

However, the leader of the opposition SDP, Davor Bernardić, says the amendments will hand Hungarian oil group MOL complete control over INA. "Are you aware of what you're doing? You are finishing the job that Sanader started. To hand INA over to Hungary's MOL in its entirety. This is a direct betrayal of our national interests."

Opposition parties, led by Bernardić’s SDP walked out of the chamber before the vote on the amendments.

Source: HRT