Minister of Science and Education Blaženka Divjak (Photo: HRT) Minister of Science and Education Blaženka Divjak (Photo: HRT)

“We will submit 31 signatures since rules of parliament stipulate that people that have already signed such a request cannot do so again for six months. We expect votes from all opposition parties. As far as signatures are concerned, they mainly came from Social Democratic Party MPs, except for four colleagues that are on an official trip, as well as colleagues from the Croatian Peasant Party, the Croatian Pensioner's Party and the Živi Zid Party," said Arsen Bauk.

Boris Milošević from the Independent Democratic Serb Party, a junior partner in the governing coalition, believes that Minister Divjak from the Croatian People's Party should remain in her position.

“We will adopt a decision and inform the public, we think that at this moment Divjak should remain,” said Milošević.

“As far as the Social Democratic Party is concerned, it must be said that they express a certain dose of consistency and we need to be aware of that. On one hand they lowered the salaries of teachers and now they are demanding the minister be sacked because salaries have been increased. That is definitely a certain dose of consistency. In the same manner I expect the government that increased the salaries of teachers to continue working in that sense and recognize this as a positive step,” said Minister Blaženka Divjak.

According to Parliament's rules of procedure, voting on no confidence in the minister must immediately be placed on the agenda of the plenary session and debate must be held within 30 days. The Social Democratic Party is convinced that the Croatian Democratic Union will not allow this to happen while the campaign for the presidential election is underway.

Nevertheless, the government must provide its opinion on the request to vote no confidence in Minister Divjak within eight days.

Source: HRT