(Photo: Davor Javorovic/PIXSELL) (Photo: Davor Javorovic/PIXSELL)

The opposition Social Democratic Party (SDP) was in Osijek on Sunday where they presented their program for the development of the eastern Slavonia region until 2030. Bernardić said the government's development program for the region was coming up painfully short and did not benefit average citizens.

"When the SDP comes to power, we will revive agriculture through our reforms. Small family-run farms will receive 20% higher incentives than they do now and will receive them in time," SDP leader Davor Bernardić said after a meeting of the party's regional branches.

Responding to questions from the media, he did not explicitly say whether the SDP, if they came to power, would scrap the government project. He said there were no clear benefits for citizens and that thousands had already left the region in search of a better livelihood since the project was launched.

"This government is relentlessly failing to take advantage of all the benefits that we, as a country, are able to receive from the European Union. The result of this failure is a worsening situation in our agriculture sector. Our farmers, especially those with small farms, are facing mounting challenges and, unfortunately, our villages are emptying," said Bernardić.

The SDP's plan aims to make Slavonia "a rich and successful region with happy and satisfied people" within the next decade by focusing on the development of agriculture.

"Slavonia is devastated. Our goal is to employ and bring back people, especially those who have gone abroad, and we will do that by boosting the development of agriculture and by building transport infrastructure and supporting strategic industries," Bernardić said.

Source: HINA