MOST party leader Božo Petrov (Photo: Macek/PIXSELL) MOST party leader Božo Petrov (Photo: Macek/PIXSELL)

Speaking at a news conference in parliament, which is still on its summer break, party leader Božo Petrov and party member Robert Podolnjak pointed the finger at the Constitutional Court for accepting the interpretation of the governing coalition saying that Parliament will be in session only when it suits them.

“Today at midnight the final day expires in which Croatian parliament was supposed to debate and adopt a decision on the request to relieve Minister Milan Kujundžić of duty. I think it is clear to everyone in Croatia today that the parliamentary majority and the government decided to violate the constitution of the Republic of Croatia,” said Petrov.

“The nonchalance of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia is especially saddening. Unfortunately, along with approval through silence by the Constitutional Court, we have a constitutional interpretation forced upon us by the governing majority saying that the government is only occasionally responsible to Croatian parliament,” said Podolnjak.

Source: HRT