MOST Party President Božo Petrov (Photo: HRT) MOST Party President Božo Petrov (Photo: HRT)

Although a request by the European Commission is in question that would harmonize Croatian legislature with that of the European Union, MOST claims that there is no need for the change, because the two owners of INA – the state and MOL, have a stake in the company that exceeds 90%.

Tomislav Panenić claims that these changes to the law would actually legitimize decisions made by Ivo Sanader. “If we change the law no court will ever confirm a final ruling against Sanader because we harmonized the law with the contract that Sanader signed when he was Prime Minister,” said Panenić.

“It will be enabled for MOL to take over INA. Because of this article in this law MOL was not successful in dismantling INA even though it wanted to. Judging by everything, according to this document that the government of the Republic of Croatia released into public debate, where it speaks of harmonizing legislature with that of the EU, it looks like that article will be removed which will actually give MOL an alibi to take over majority ownership and in the end to fully dismantle INA,” said MOST Party President Božo Petrov.

Source: HRT