Foreign and European Affairs Minister Goran Grlić Radman (Photo: HRT) Foreign and European Affairs Minister Goran Grlić Radman (Photo: HRT)

Elisabeta Mađarević, the first secretary at the Croatian Embassy in Berlin, was recalled back to Zagreb to explain her social media posts after screenshots of them were published by the media.

Foreign Minister Goran Grlić Radman dismissed on Monday Mađarević's claim that her Facebook account had been hacked.

“There was some suspicion, but that has been ruled out,” Grlić Radman told reporers on Monday.

He signaled Mađarević was likely to be fired pending a procedure before the Civil Service Disciplinary Tribunal.  

“She was recalled, her mandate was cut short. She'll be suspended from the moment this process starts. A diplomat is never just a private citizen and there are options, dismissal being one of them,” Grlić Radman said.

Radman confirmed that a request to initiate disciplinary proceedings against Mađarevic would be filed as early as Wednesday morning, and said the ministry's review had found Mađarević in serious breach of duty.

Asked if he had been awar of Mađarević’s views, especially since he was up until a month ago the Croatian Ambassador to Germany and had worked with her personally, Grlić Radman said, “Had I known, I would not have tolerated it and would have reacted. A diplomat abroad represents his or her country in the best possible way, respecting the laws of the host country, establishing a cultural dialogue, and building bridges. Anything that goes against that, is a violation of the ethics code.”

He confirmed that Mađarević had arrived in Berlin in January to take up the post of first secretary at the Embassy after a colleague retired from that job. Reporters also asked how it was possible for her to pass the vetting process. He responded by saying “improvements should be made.”