Justice and Administration Minister Ivan Malenica (Photo: HRT) Justice and Administration Minister Ivan Malenica (Photo: HRT)

Justice Minister Ivan Malenica added that four county courts (Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and Osijek) have first instance jurisdiction over war crimes. 269 proceedings have been initiated, 165 have been resolved, and 94 proceedings are ongoing. As for the proceedings related to the Vukovar area, Malenica says that 65 proceedings have been initiated before the Osijek County Court, of which 35 have been resolved.

He recalled that in 2018, a special working unit "Ovčara" was established within the Police Directorate, responsible for conducting investigations and proceedings related to Vukovar. Based on its work, proceedings were initiated against 11 people. Last year, two verdicts were passed for the municipalities of Mikleuševci and Erdut.

“Cooperation with Serbia regarding the exchange of documents should be better. It is nonexistent at the moment. The last meetings were in 2018, when Minister Bošnjaković met with a minister from Serbia. A discussion has been initiated on speeding up the procedures for submitting documentation, but we have not received any since then,” added Malenica.

“Regarding the compensation to veterans who were in Serbian concentration camps, intensive meetings are being held in the Ministries of Veterans and Justice. I believe that we will find the best solution and help the defenders in finding the legal procedure and financial means for justice to be served in that part,” emphasized the Minister.

Source: HRT