Ivan Vrdoljak (Screenshot: HRT) Ivan Vrdoljak (Screenshot: HRT)

HNS Party chairman Ivan Vrdoljak stressed that responsible politics requires direct work on the preservation of jobs and industrial production. “During this process, in line with the information that comes out to the public every day, we need to talk about the issues that burden this process and about potential political responsibility, but never in a way that would compromise the reaching of a settlement deal,” Vrdoljak said.

Vrdoljak said that the parliamentary majority and the coalition government are stable and that at a time when Croatia is experiencing economic growth and growth in employment, and when education reform is ready to be implemented in Croatian schools, there is no need to destabilize the government.

The HNS leader also once again defended his party’s decision to join the HDZ-led coalition government, noting that ten months after agreeing to join the government citizens are now aware that this was a responsible and ultimately useful decision for the Republic of Croatia because for the first time a political party put Croatia ahead of its rating and the rating of the party leadership.

Finally, Vrdoljak touched on efforts to improve the demographic situation in Croatia and reduce emigration, especially among Croatia’s youth. He defined three key points in stopping emigration. The first is to guarantee that education in Croatia is the same or better than in the majority of European countries. The second is to ensure citizens jobs and higher wages, and the third is to subsidize housing loans for young people. Vrdoljak said that he expects the average net salary in Croatia to reach €1000 by 2020.

Source: HRT