Veterans Minister Tomo Medved and Czech and Slovak minority MP  Vladimir Bilek (Photo: HRT) Veterans Minister Tomo Medved and Czech and Slovak minority MP Vladimir Bilek (Photo: HRT)

Members of parliament representing national minorities met with Prime Minister Andrej Plenković on Thursday to discuss the contours of the new government. Plenković’s HDZ won enough seats in Sunday’s parliamentary election to form a majority with 8 minority MPs, representing 11 ethnicities, and two small parties, the Reformists and the People’s Party, easily avoiding having to make deal with the hard-right.

The HDZ and their allies are in talks to work out the details. The HDZ confirmed an offer had been made to the minorities.

“National minorities would nominate one person who would be a deputy prime minister for social issues. We did not discuss specific names, rather we spoke about the government's program,” said Tomo Medved, an HDZ vice president and current minister of veterans affairs.

Czech and Slovak Minority MP Vladimir Bilek did confirm that Independent Democratic Serb Party leader, Milorad Pupovac, had turned down the offer for the cabinet role.

“What I can say is that it will not be me or my colleague, Mr. Pupovac. He was offered the position, but he wants to continue doing his work in parliament,” Bilek told reporters following the meeting.

Roma minority MP Veljko Kajtazi signaled minorities may be holding out for a better offer.

“That's something we have to discuss within our club of deputies, but no, it is not enough, in my opinion,” he said, when asked if minority MPs would settle for a minister without portfolio position.

Bilek said that they still had to discuss the implementation national minority operational programs, for which minorities want the government’s support. Minorities also want a part of the government's program to focus on national minorities, he added.