MOST party Political Secretary Nikola Grmoja (Photo: HRT) MOST party Political Secretary Nikola Grmoja (Photo: HRT)

“Considering experience we’ve had until now, we can expect a judicial soap opera and a process that will be drawn out over several years, which is not good. For this reason, MOST has sent a complete reform of the judiciary into parliamentary procedure. In the perspective we want to build institutions in which every citizen of this country will have a quick and fair trial,” said Nikola Grmoja at a news conference in Croatian parliament.

He said that Agrokor was actually the employment bureau and the Ministry of Welfare for Croatian politicians where they employed their family and friends and would receive support and votes in return. “On the other hand they assisted Todorić and when he would come out with this confidential information, while they have confidential information on their side, a nuclear war would happen,” said Grmoja. He said that all of this is threats with nuclear weapons by Ivica Todorić and on the part of those who helped him all of these years.

Source: HRT