Health Minister Milan Kujundžić (Photo: Petar Glebov/PIXSELL) Health Minister Milan Kujundžić (Photo: Petar Glebov/PIXSELL)

The meeting came after a recent report from the European Commission which stated that Croatia lacked the proper resolution in adopting the necessary changes. The prime minister responded with the clear message that his government would use 2018 as the year to implement the structural reforms.

The latest figures on the country's sluggish GDP growth prove that the moment of truth has arrived for the Plenković government to take action. With elections another two years away, a new restructuring team for Agrokor in place, and the apparent support of the Employers' Association, now is the perfect time for the government to fulfil their campaign promise to put Croatia on the path to economic prosperity.

"We spoke about the reforms that we should implement. We discussed which ones are possible and how financially viable they are," said Health Minister Milan Kujundžić after the meeting.

Administration Minister Lovro Kušćević added that the meeting underlined the problem areas and addressed future challenges. Ministers also agreed upon closer cooperation and vowed to achieve their stated goals in the allotted time.

Earlier today, a conference was held on the improvement of government regulations as a means of implementing reforms.

Source: HRT