Agrokor HQ in Zagreb (Photo: HRT) Agrokor HQ in Zagreb (Photo: HRT)

While in Slavonski Brod today, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković again reiterated his HDZ party's view that the parliamentary investigative commission established to investigate the causes of the Agrokor debt crisis, should immediately be disbanded now that the criminal investigation into Agrokor's founder, his two sons and twelve others has officially begun: "Clause 4 is completely clear. I thought that our colleagues in the Croatian parliament had learned about the competencies of this whole situation. Already a few times and very clearly our opinion has been stated. Therefore I don't see in what way or in any way, anyone and especially not the Croatian parliament, which adopts legislation, can interpret the law to be contrary to what it very clearly states and that is that once legal proceedings commence, the investigative commission immediately halts its work," said Plenković.

However, the president of the commission, Orsat Miljenić from the SDP, and its other opposition members disagree with this line of reasoning, arguing that only parliament can decide whether the commission should be disbanded or not; claiming that the Chief State Prosecutor Dinko Cvitan has said himself that there is no conflict between the commission's work and his investigation. Orsat Miljenić said today: "The ruling majority's interpretation is completely wrong. The law clearly states that the commission halts its work on those issues which were responsible for the launching of the investigation. Given that the details of the investigation are public and now everyone, including my colleagues in parliament, can see what the investigation is dealing with, of course, it is normal that the commission won’t enter into those areas. But we can and must deal with all the other issues that parliament tasked the commission with investigating. So the commission will meet at 10 am as normal and I expect all my colleagues to attend."

And SDP and opposition leader Davor Bernardić claimed the HDZ had decided to close the commission down, as former national bank governor Željko Rohatinski had told the commission about the connections that existed between the HDZ and Agrokor. He also emphasized that such an action could only be taken by the institution that had founded the commission and that was parliament. Among those summoned to testify at the commission's session on Wednesday is National Bank Governor Boris Vujčić.

Source: HRT