Zdravko Mustać in 2014, as he is about to be extradited to Germany (Photo: Zdravko Mustać in 2014, as he is about to be extradited to Germany (Photo:

Zdrvko Mustač claims he was illegally extradited to Germany in 2014. His lawyers argue that the European Arrest Warrant should never have been executed because the statute of limitations had expired. Mustač's attorney Lidija Horvat told the Hina news agency that at the time of the extradition, the law was not entirely clear and there was no standard court practice. Perković and Mustač could not have assumed what would happen to them, she said.

In August 2016, a German court convicted Mustač and fellow spy Josip Perković of orchestrating the murder of a Croatian emigrant in Germany in 1983. It remains unknown who carried out the murder of Stjepan Đureković. They received life sentences.

The two men are currently awaiting transfer to Croatia from a German prison. They will serve out the rest of their sentences here. Croatian courts have reduced the sentences to 30-years, the maximum allowed under Croatian law.

Late last year, Perković and Mustač sued Germany at the ECHR, alleging that the Munich court did not give them a fair trial. Their lawyers believe that, based on this suit, the ECHR might quash the German ruling against them.

Source: HINA/HRT