Prime Minister Andrej Plenković (Photo: HRT) Prime Minister Andrej Plenković (Photo: HRT)

The governing majority claims that the coalition is functioning normally, while the opposition also does not believe in a breakdown of the majority that they say is based on political interests.

Even though members of the Croatian Democratic Union did not raise their hands for the General Urban Plan, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković does not expect Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić to withdraw his political support for the majority.

“As far as that is concerned we have eliminated it. As far as cooperation between Zagreb Mayor, Mr. Bandić, and the Croatian Democratic Union at the city level are concerned, it will continue, nothing has been changed. For a longer time the position of the Zagreb branch of the Croatian Democratic Union has been that they wanted to contribute to the Urban Plan that was on the table with a number of amendments that are in the general interest of the city's development. That didn't happen and in that context the plan was not adopted,” said Prime Minister Plenković.

Speaking for Radio Sljeme today, Mayor Milan Bandić said that completely new changes to the plan will be made and a public debate on the plan will be held before the summer. Mayor Bandić was asked if his coalition partner, the Croatian Democratic Union had betrayed him and did they have intense negotiations yesterday?

“I withdrew my own amendments and I then couldn't accept the amendments from my coalition partner. Secondly I wanted changes to the General Urban Plan to be adopted so that the development of the city is not halted. There was no understanding, what happened, happened,” said Mayor Bandić.

After the General Urban Plan was not adopted yesterday, within 15 minutes, the agenda of parliament's session was changed, in which voting that was supposed to take place on Friday as usual, was postponed to next week.

Branko Bačić (Photo: HRT)

The head of the Croatian Democratic union club of representatives in parliament, Branko Bačić, claims that this has nothing to do with a possible loss of support from the Bandić club of representatives. He said that voting was postponed due to official travels by numerous representatives from the majority, adding that the coalition is not in question.

“The governing coalition in parliament is stable, yes. I spoke with the presidents of all clubs that are in the governing majority, and that governing coalition is made up of 81 representatives in Croatian parliament,” said Bačić.

The president of the Croatian People's Party club of representatives, Milorad Batinić also said that there is no problem with the governing majority.

“I don't see why the government would be unstable. Regardless of this friction I think the majority is stable,” said Batinić.

Gordan Maras (Photo: HRT)

Social Democratic Party MP Gordan Maras believes that the government is based on the interests of individuals and not citizens.

“Mayor Bandić has become frightened of the citizens of the city of Zagreb, because he has seen the masses that want him to leave the position of mayor, while Prime Minister Plenković is frightened of losing the elections within the Croatian Democratic Union. Is it normal for Croatia to be run by the interests of Mayor Bandić and Prime Minister Plenković?” asked Maras.

“They know themselves that if any disintegration of their coalition takes place, not only will they never see a seat in parliament again, but they will never see a seat anywhere,” said the head of the MOST party Božo Petrov.

Source: HRT