Croatian Parliament (Photo: Boris Scitar/Vecernji list/PIXSELL) Croatian Parliament (Photo: Boris Scitar/Vecernji list/PIXSELL)

The declaration calls for changes to that country's constitution and election laws. Croats are one of three constituent people's in Bosnia and Herzegovina, however, their rights are continuously being marginalized, especially through the country's existing election laws, which enable Bosnian Muslims to outvote Croats and thereby elect their representatives to political bodies.

The Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has already ruled that the existing election law must be changes so as to correct this injustice, a position echoed by both the European Commission and Zagreb, however, the Bosnian Muslim majority has shown no inclination that it intends to adhere to the ruling anytime soon.

The chair of parliament's foreign policy committee, Miro Kovač of the HDZ, said today that he does not expect the declaration to strain relations between Zagreb and Sarajevo, noting that it as a signatory to the Dayton Agreement, Croatia has a responsibility to ensure the autonomy and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also that all three constituent peoples enjoy equal rights.

Source: HRT