SDP headquarters in Zagreb (Photo: HRT) SDP headquarters in Zagreb (Photo: HRT)

Party Vice President Zlatko Komadina has denied media speculation that he had offered SDP Member of European Parliament Biljana Borzan the role of interim party leader. Meanwhile, after the SDP party presidency decided in July that party chairman Davor Bernardić would replace Arsen Bauk as the chair of the SDP’s bench in parliament, media are now reporting that Bernardić will not assume the post after all. Responding to these latest reports, Bauk made it clear that if Bernardić cannot serve as the chair of the SDP bench in parliament his isn't fit to be party chairman either.

One of the four suspended members of the SDP’s party presidency and Deputy Parliament Speaker Siniša Hajdaš Dončić told reports on Tuesday that ultimately the decision on whether or not Bernardić would preside over the SDP’s bench in parliament would be made by party members. He added however, that it would be very strange if some two thirds of the SDP’s MPs - who have called for his removal as party chairman and signed a petition to that effect, decided to support him for the post of chair of the SDP bench in parliament.

In his view, Peđa Grbin – another suspended member of the party presidency, would be an excellent replacement for Bauk. Asked if Borzan would be a good replacement for Bernardić, Hajdaš Dončić said that because of her good work in European Parliament she has strong support among voters and party members. However, the decision will be made by SDP members he concluded.

Source: HRT