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Tomašić said Škoro had proven to be capable of making a good living outside of politics and that he understood ordinary people.

Signing the petition to get Miroslav Škoro’s name on the ballot in downtown Zagreb on Sunday, Tomašić said that she hoped he would win in the first round on December 22 and prove that Croatia could move beyond the two parties that have dominated politics for decades, the HDZ and the SDP, who have backed incumbent Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović and former PM Zoran Milanović, respectively.

“The two frontrunners have already shown us what they are and aren't capable of doing and they aren't capable more than they are capable! Škoro has real-life experience. Škoro has proven and shown us that he doesn't need politics and that he can live just fine without it. If a man is willing to set all that aside and truly wants to change things and to do something, let's help him do it,” Tomašić said.

Tomašić, a euroskeptic, added that she believed Škoro would not be beholden to Washington, Brussels or Strasbourg.

Asked if she believed Škoro could cut ties with his time in the HDZ, Tomašić said that he already had  when he left the HDZ and the Croatian parliament after "seeing that something was wrong there and he now knows what should be changed and what should not."

Tomašić had been behind Grabar-Kitarović early on in her presidency, but said the President lost her support when she met with Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić.

Source: HINA/HRT