Social Democratic Party leader Davor Bernardić (Photo: HRT) Social Democratic Party leader Davor Bernardić (Photo: HRT)

Among other measures, they plan to reduce waiting lists and open hospitals outside of working hours, cover all of Croatia with emergency helicopter medical service, increase day hospital capacities and exempt vulnerable groups such as children, pensioners, people with lower incomes and disabled persons, from paying fees.

Social Democratic Party leader Davor Bernardić accused the government and Minister of Health Milan Kujundžić of silent privatization of health care and proposed his party’s measures for preventing a collapse of the system. He warned about debts, waiting lists and the departure of doctors from the country.

“You have to wait for some examinations for months, for some years, while some citizens do not live to see them. Those that don't have the money to pay for a private examination are in fact left to themselves. Thus this government and the minister are directly responsible for the silent privatization of health care. Therefore the Social Democratic Party will insist on their solutions for the salvation of health care. What we will do is decrease waiting lists, opening and creating the preconditions for work in the afternoon hours within the health care system will create the potential to decrease waiting lists and create better services for citizens,” said Bernardić.

Explaining why his stance on not calling an emergency session of parliament regarding a no confidence vote for Minister Milan Kujundžić differs from the stance of the Social Democratic Party's presidential candidate Zoran Milanović, Bernardić said that everyone has the right to their opinion. While Milanović said last weekend that calling such a session would be a precedent that could be repeated during every summer and winter break, Bernardić is convinced that the constitution is clear in that regard and that an emergency session must be held within 30 days.

“As far as interpretation and individual interpretations are concerned, everyone naturally has the right to their opinion, but I think things are pretty clear here. What is intolerable is to attempt to transfer responsibility to the Constitutional Court, like for example what the Croatian president is doing. If you think the constitution has been violated, then you call a session of Croatian parliament. You don't transfer responsibility to the Constitutional Court. Naturally this is the personal will of the president herself. Someone can have a different opinion about this and in that part I will not comment or review the stance of individual candidates,” said the Social Democratic Party leader.

Source: HRT