Croatian Peasant Party leader Krešo Beljak (Photo: HRT) Croatian Peasant Party leader Krešo Beljak (Photo: HRT)

"Stjepan Radić, who died as a result of an assassination in the Belgrade assembly, was Croatia's greatest politician and my role model," said Peasant Party president Krešo Beljak.

He also commented on the new round of tax reforms calling them taking other people's credit at the expense of local budgets.

“It's easy to conduct reforms like that when you don't take money from the state budget but rather from local budgets. These reforms will mean some have higher salaries, I applaud that in any case, but in the same manner it will mean fewer investments into local infrastructure, in lighting, sewage systems, water supply and public transport. So in the end citizens will lose in these reforms,” said Beljak.

Source: HRT