Ante Simonić (Photo: HRT) Ante Simonić (Photo: HRT)

At a presentation in Rijeka Ante Simonić noted that, as a doctor, he will advocate for improvement of the health care system to the benefit of patients and doctors, while as a scientist, he will advocate that strengthening defence capabilities is achieved as stimulation for the general scientific and economic advancement of Croatia.

“Citizens will not be embarrassed of me as the president. I know how successes are achieved in sports, science, education, diplomacy and politics. I want to place my knowledge, experience and international contacts at the disposal of all citizens. In order to successfully resolve numerous problems political will is always crucial, as well as harmonized action by responsible factors. Our country is better than its politicians. I will enable Croatia to be economically successful, and its citizens to be satisfied,” said Simonić.

Source: HRT