(Foto: Patrik Macek/ Pixsell) (Foto: Patrik Macek/ Pixsell)

K. T. (40) from Subotica was arrested on suspicion of having committed the criminal offense of endangering security.

It is suspected that four days ago, he sent a message of threatening and insulting content to the private profile of Croatian National Council president Jasna Vojnić.

The suspect was ordered to be detained for up to 48 hours, after which, along with a criminal charge, he will be brought to the Public Prosecutor's Office in Subotica, announced police in Subotica.

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia sent a protest note to official Belgrade yesterday, expressing concern over threats, intimidation and insults to representatives of the Croatian national minority in Serbia after their request to introduce the Croatian language into official use in Vojvodina.

The note points out that, after a public debate after the initiation of a procedure to introduce the “Bunjevac” dialect as the official language in the City of Subotica, "representatives of Croatian national minority institutions in Subotica were exposed to severe insults, threats and intimidation on social networks."

Source: Hrvatska riječ