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The executive director of Europe's medicines regulatory body said the issue should be listed as a possible side effect of the vaccine. At the same time, the European Medicines Agency Maintains that the benefits of the jab outweigh any risks.

"The European Medicines Agency works closely with the national competent authorities in all the Member States and the company to make sure these risks are proactively communicated to healthcare professionals. It is important that both vaccinated people and healthcare professionals are aware of the signs and symptoms of these unusual blood clotting disorders in order to recognize them in a timely manner and reduce possible risks," said Executive Director of the European Medicines Agency, Emer Cooke.

The EMA said that cases of blood clotting could not be linked to specific factors such as age, sex or medical history and that a plausible explanation is that thrombosis happens because of the immune response to vaccines.

In the United Kingdom, 30 cases of blood clots have been reported, including seven fatal, among 18.1 million people vaccinated by March 24.

Source: HRT