Prime Minister Andrej Plenković meeting with Bosnian officials (Photo: Prime Minister Andrej Plenković meeting with Bosnian officials (Photo:

In the north central town of Žepče, Prime Minister Plenković met with Mato Zovko, the municipal chief official. While there, he took the opportunity to lay a wreath at the Memorial Monument dedicated to members of the Croatian Defense Council who lost their lives during the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The Croatian prime minister stated that Croatia is fostering high-quality, exemplary and friendly relations with Bosnia-Herzegovina. “We are according particular attention to the Croats as the smallest constituent nation in the country,” he said. He added that investments in health-care, education, agriculture and individual projects are the best way to insure the continuity of cooperation.

Speaking about the somewhat controversial project to construct the Pelješac Bridge from the mainland coast to the eponymous peninsula, Plenković said that it is going ahead as planned. “The project has been the topic of talks with Croatia’s partners and friends in Bosnia-Herzegovina at all levels,” Plenković noted, adding that “Croatia is open for all dialog and prepared to provide all necessary explanations. I believe that the project will gain the support of all political actors in Bosnia-Herzegovina.”

Besides, Žepče, the Croatian prime minister is also visiting Tuzla and Orašje. He is being accompanied by Zdravka Bušić, the state secretary in the Foreign and European Affairs Ministry, and Zvonko Milas, the state secretary of the Central State Office for Croats outside of Croatia.