(Photo: Miranda Cikotic/PIXSELL) (Photo: Miranda Cikotic/PIXSELL)

The boat was spotted in the coastal area between the Evros river delta and the Greek town of Makri. After hearing calls for help, the four policemen intervened and rescued the 36 migrants.

The migrants were offered hot beverages and blankets, before being taken to the nearby Greek port at Alexandroupoli, explained Dubrovnik-Neretva Police spokesperson, Davorka Bečić.

"The dinghy they were traveling in had run out of fuel. The temperature at the time was barely two degrees Celsius. Police personnel transferred all the migrants to their police boat, where they provided them with warm drinks and blankets. Afterwards, they were taken to the nearest port in Greece," said Benčić.

The migrants, who were hypothermic, dehydrated, and even unconscious, were taken on board the police boat, given water, hot beverages, and blankets. Once on land, five migrants were hospitalised, while the rest were taken to a reception centre.

Source: HRT