Zagreb Economic Institute (Photo: Jurica Galoic/PIXSELL) Zagreb Economic Institute (Photo: Jurica Galoic/PIXSELL)

In presenting the latest data, the institute's analysts also presented their projections for Croatia's GDP growth in the second quarter of 2019, noting that it could top 4.7%. The institute’s analysts say that the relevant data suggests that economic activity in the country has accelerated when compared to the beginning of the year, emphasizing that the projected growth of 4.7% would be a significant increase over the already well received 3.9% growth recorded in the first quarter of the year.

The analysts also noted that all components of the CEIZ index increased on annual basis, especially the tourism sector, in terms of tourist arrivals, which jumped by 16.4% annually, as well as revenues from value-added tax, which grew in real terms at an annual level of 13% in April.

Source: HRT