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Croatian representatives at the event are reporting that Croatia attracting significant interest. British Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Arts, Heritage and Tourism Helen Whatley stopped by Croatia's exhibition space on Monday. The number of visitors coming to Croatia from the UK increased by 4% this year. Similar numbers are expected in 2020 and efforts are being made to increase the number of direct flights from the UK to accommodate demand.

The head of the Croatian Association of Travel Agencies, Tomislav Fain, warns that the market is getting increasingly competitive and that hype about Croatia as a destination has passed its peak.

“We have to be aware of the fact that the era of hyper demand is over and that each year will be a bit tougher than the previous one. More and more people are coming to the WTM, which means everybody is fighting for every single customer. 2020 will be as tough as 2019 and it is up to us to work as hard as we can,” Fain says.

The regions of Kvarner and Central Dalmatia have presented their offerings to business partners from around the world, while larger deals are also being arranged by Istria and Dubrovnik, in anticipation of a further increase in demand from the UK next year.

Split-Dalmatia County is seeing more visitors from the UK all year along, said Joško Stella from the county tourism office and Alijana Vukšić from the Split tourism bureau.

“Split and Dubrovnik carry around 70% of total visitor traffic from the UK and we believe the positive trend will continue because we’ll have more flights from the UK next year. We don’t see Brexit as an issue, because we believe Britons like what we have to offer them and that the’ll keep coming,” said Vukšić.