Minister of Environmental Protection and Energy Tomsilav Ćorić (Photo: HRT) Minister of Environmental Protection and Energy Tomsilav Ćorić (Photo: HRT)

Following a government cabinet session Tomislav Ćorić told reporters that at a recent session of the Inter-state Council for Krško they saw data on production at the nuclear plant, which performs excellently.

“Depending on weather conditions Croatia imports between 35 and 50 percent of its electric energy, although new production capacities will lower this with time. Therefore we should be interested in every new megawatt of electric energy production,” said Ćorić adding that the Croatian energy strategy is directed at stimulating renewable sources of energy.

Ćorić believes that Croatia should consider it, the moment the other side eventually proposes a partnership to construct a new block at the nuclear power plant.

“I don’t know how the Slovenian side intends to do this, but I believe that it will open the issue next year. Such projects are in principle financially extremely demanding, we are talking about billions of Euros and considering this fact they are usually partnerships,” he emphasized.

Speaking of eventual participation he said that in the past decades the functioning of the Krško nuclear power plant was regulated with a bilateral contract.

“At the Krško nuclear power plant itself, the Croatian side is represented by the Croatian Electric Company HEP. So I believe when it would come to such a project, it would require both the level of the state and the level of HEP,” he noted.

Source: HRT