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In light of the new US tariffs, Horvat said the total value of Croatian exports to the US amounted to roughly 400 million US dollars in 2018.

"Given the products or contingent of products subject to the new customs duties, and those are predominantly agricultural products, a small portion of those products will be subject to the new high rates," he said, "but this is almost insignificant given the amount that Croatia exports to the United States," he concluded.

Following Wednesday's approval by the World Trade Organization that the USA could impose 7.5 billion US dollars in retaliatory tariffs in response to illegal EU subsidies to airplane maker Airbus to the detriment of its American rival Boeing, Washington announced a 25 percent duty on various food imports from the European Union.

The new customs rates will affect a wide variety of food products, including milk and dairy products, meat, fruits, juices, wine and whiskey, according to a list published by the U.S. Trade Representative's Office.

Source: HRT