Economy Minister Darko Horvat (Photo: Igor Kralj/PIXSELL) Economy Minister Darko Horvat (Photo: Igor Kralj/PIXSELL)

The news was confirmed by Economy Minister Darko Horvat.

“During this week Đuro Đaković will receive a state guarantee, I am confident that the financial injection that has been prepared and is in the final phase of realization will provide wind in the sails for Đuro Đaković. At this time the new management is coordinating with suppliers the amount of money to be paid, or the payment of debts, so that their bank account can be unblocked. I said that the trigger is a day or two before or after January 17th. That is this week and I am sure that a good thing will happen for Đuro Đaković. At the same time I repeat the message I had in the Forte Nova process, for the 3rd of May and Petrokemija, and I have the same stance in the case of Đuro Đaković, a transition from former or older ways of thinking to a new modern market must take place, this is the last chance for Đuro Đaković,” said Horvat.  

Source: HRT