Service industry (Photo: Waiter Dusko Jaramaz PIXSELL) Service industry (Photo: Waiter Dusko Jaramaz PIXSELL)

Both sides have agreed that while the emergency measures are in place employers are simply unable to honor the collective agreement. The collective agreement, which was signed on December 20th of 2019, will be reinstated only when the emergency coronavirus measures are withdrawn. The two sides stated that the decision was agreed to in a bid to preserve jobs and continued business operations when the pandemic is over.

The Croatian Employers Association (HUP) issued the following statement: "In order to retain jobs and guarantee regular business operations after the pandemic is over, we as social partners have come to this agreement, which will for a period of time suspend the provisions of the collective agreement."

Senior HUP official Natali Komen Bujas noted that the agreement further illustrated the high level of cooperation and agreement between the two sides to the benefit of the entire sector: "This is a true example of social dialogue, one that we should strive to achieve in all segments at all levels."

Union representative Eduard Andrić added that he is hopeful that the pandemic will be contained and that at least part of the peak tourist season will take place: "It is important to preserve jobs for domestic workers, who are eager to accept the challenge and responsibility of these jobs to the benefit of our guests and employers."

Source: HRT