Agrokor (Photo Boris Scitar/Vecernji list/PIXSELL Agrokor (Photo Boris Scitar/Vecernji list/PIXSELL

More accusations have been made by Agrokor founder Ivica Todorić against Economy Minister Martina Dalić today. Todorić claims that Martina Dalić has taken over the reins of public authority and has emerged as being at the same time the legislator, the prosecutor and the judge. Todorić has warned in his latest post that Dalić was overlooking the presumption of innocence provision, which states that no one is guilty until their guilt has been proven, which represents the very basis of the functioning of any democratic society.

Continuing his accusations, Todorić said that Dalić will have to prove her own innocence, which will not be easy in view of the wave of criminal activity she had incited through her friends' network and those of her business partners who have been siphoning off funds from Agrokor and in this way securing illicit gains.

PM Andrej Plenković, meanwhile, explained how a settlement can be reached with suppliers as some have said they would not go below a 15 percent debt write-off. He said that the Agrokor crisis management was looking at nine more months of efforts as are the creditors. During this process he said that he was expecting the restructuring to be done well, securing the company's sustainability. Plenković added that the creditors were the ones who at the end of the day had to contribute to finding a sustainable solution.

Meanwhile some of the creditors, for example, the Kraš chocolate and biscuit maker, are only ready to write-off 15 percent of the debt

Also, the data on the financial state of companies that are part of the Agrokor concern was published today for the period between January and August of 2017. The data points to both Konzum and Tisak making losses, while the rest of the foodstuffs and agriculture companies managed a profit. Agriculture Minister Tomislav Tolušić thinks that the food industry is heading in the right direction. He said: “The food production industry has managed to rebuff more complex problems than this particular one. It will survive and get out of this stronger than it was before and will, hopefully, become more competitive in the process.“

Meanwhile, Konzum shops in Bosnia and Herzegovina have been taken over by Mercator. Mercator's supervisory board has severed contracts for office space rent for 83 shops there, making the agreement reached earlier official that all Mercator shops that were taken over by Konzum be returned into the Mercator network.

Source: HRT