President Zoran Milanović (L) Velibor Mačkić (R) (Screenshot: HRT) President Zoran Milanović (L) Velibor Mačkić (R) (Screenshot: HRT)

The main issue on today's agenda was government's Development Strategy until 2030. President Zoran Milanović explained to reporters after the session why he formed the economic council: "We will contribute to this. That is a better solution than if I were get directly involved as an individual, or send someone to represent me in this large group. This didn't happen, because the prime minister didn't want to include the opposition in parliament in this preliminary stage, which is coming to a close. I think this was a mistake."

The chair of his Economic Council, Velibor Mačkić, said that government’s proposed Development Strategy until 2030 is not bad but needs to be better: "There is a lack of clear priorities. It simultaneously lists absolutely everything, but does not define timelines, minimum requirements or peak goals."

Source: HRT