Agrokor Emergency Commissioner Fabris Peruško. (Photo: HRT) Agrokor Emergency Commissioner Fabris Peruško. (Photo: HRT)

“Representatives of the Agrokor Creditor's Council and their advisors are working this week on finalizing a draft settlement that we plan to make public to all creditors next week,” said Agrokor Emergency Commissioner Fabris Peruško.

“Naturally the entire process is not being helped by a psychosis that is being created in the public by those who are not a part of this process. This slows down the progress of the process itself. The current problem that we are resolving is disputes to claims that have been made out of tactical reasons and their purpose is mainly to prevent the process from coming to an end,” he added.

Peruško noted that the settlement should be submitted to the court in mid-June, and then a final vote will be taken within between five and fifteen days. He also noted that there will not be a problem if by then a permanent creditor's council is not voted in, because the temporary council has complete legitimacy.

“First of all I would like to thank, Mrs. Dalić, the emergency management and all advisors who until now assisted this process to come to an end with this settlement. We are on the business scene while what is happening on the political scene is actually completely unacceptable. This process is being led by creditors, and we will surely bring it to an end,” said the President of the temporary creditors’ Council Marica Vidaković.

Representatives of financial creditors, American Knighthead and the Russian VTB bank have pointed out that the price of the processes, that are seen as high, is simply necessary for such a complex process to be completed and that without international advisors and local experts it would not have been possible to come to the current result.

Source: HRT