Waiter (Photo: Goran Kovacic/PIXSELL) Waiter (Photo: Goran Kovacic/PIXSELL)

The fact that the state paid 2.1 billion Kuna in April alone shows that the aid is in high demand. But the incentives were paid out after checking the data. 555 thousand workers received the support in April, although the payout was drawn out due to regulations implemented to ensure that only those in need receive the support.

"When checking salaries for workers, we established a system of data exchange with the Croatian Pension Insurance Bureau and the Tax Administration, only after this process was completed did we proceed with payments," explained Ante Lončar from the Croatian Employment Bureau.

These measure will be in place in the coming months as well. In June, however, the measure will be available to the most severely affected segments of the economy: "So we have expanded the measures a bit to include the agriculture and fisheries sectors, because we know that they supply a lot to tourist chains and currently have no one to supply," said Dragan Jelić, the State Secretary in the Labor and Pension System Ministry.

The payment of taxes has also been postponed until June 20th. Write-offs can be requested by those companies whose turnover has dropped by more than 50%. Additional measures are also planned, such as a shortened work week for the processing industry in which workers could, for example, work three days a week while the other two days would be paid by the state.

Source: HRT