(Photo: Simon Steinberger / Pixabay) (Photo: Simon Steinberger / Pixabay)

Volkswagen was the most popular car brand, with some 6,700 vehicles sold, for a 13 percent share in total car sales. Renault was next with just under five-thousand cars sold; while Opel and Skoda were third and fourth on the list with only a few hundred fewer cars sold than the French manufacturer.

Overall, German cars continue to dominate the Croatian car market, as Audis, BMWs, Mercedes and Porsche, combined for a sizable portion of new cars sold in the country.

In September alone, 3,500 new cars were sold, up over 20 percent year on year.

Of the total number of new cars sold from the start of January to the end of September, over 60 percent have regular gas-powered engines; 35 percent were diesels, and just less than three percent were either hybrids or electrics.

Source: HINA