INFOBIP offices in Rijeka (Photo: Goran Kovacic/PIXSELL) INFOBIP offices in Rijeka (Photo: Goran Kovacic/PIXSELL)

In a field of 57 national EY winners from 47 countries, American Brad Keywell and his company Uptake Technologies took the title in 2019. Representing Croatia at the prestigious event were the owners of the INFOBIP IT and Telecommunications Company. Established in 2006 in the small Istrian town of Vodnjan, INFOBIP is one of the world's largest providers of A2P SMS services, and currently does business on six continents, and employs 1 500 people.

"We are all very proud, as a company and each individual that works in our company. All of them see our being here as a very positive thing. In a way this is a validation of their work all of these years. There are 47 countries being represented here and to be among these top 47 countries is a big thing for Croatia," said INFOBIP co-founder Silvio Kutić.

Source: HRT