Uljanik shipyard in Pula (Photo: Dusko Marusic/PIXSELL) Uljanik shipyard in Pula (Photo: Dusko Marusic/PIXSELL)

The County State Prosecutor’s Office in Rijeka has filed an indictment in the so-called Uljanik affair. The indictment encompasses 12 people linked to the company and one company, however no names have been released.
The defendants are suspected of fraudulent business practices, while one of them is also suspected of fraudulent abuse of subsidies, according to the state attorney's office post on its website. The company in question had business dealings with Uljanik and has been indicted for abuse of trust in doing business and subsidy fraud.
In a police sting at the end of March of last year, 12 people were taken into custody - former Uljanik Group CEOs Gianni Rossanda and Anton Brajković, former Management Board members Marinko Brgić and Veljko Grbac, the CEO of the Treći Maj shipyard in Rijeka Maksimilijan Percan, the director of Uljanik Plovidba Dragutin Pavletić, the director of Uljanik Shipmanagment Darko Šorc, the former director of the Uljanik Shipyard Silvan Kranjc, the director of Uljanik Maritime Services Elvis Pahljina, the former director of the Uljanik Shipyard Eduard Milovan, and the former directors of Treći Maj Zdravko Pliško and Domagoj Klarić.
Rossanda, Brgić, Pavletić, Percan, Kranjc and Grbac were remanded to one month’s investigative custody.
Source: HRT