Economy Minister Darko Horvat (Photo: Sanjin Strukic/PIXSELL) Economy Minister Darko Horvat (Photo: Sanjin Strukic/PIXSELL)

Speaking for Croatian Radio on Wednesday, Economy Minister Darko Horvat said that it will be known how the situation will unfold regarding the 3rd of May shipyard by January 25th. He repeated his statement today emphasizing that they have serious offers.

“I am sure that by January 25th we will have two serious offers for shipbuilding in Rijeka and Pula,” said the minister. He then responded to questions related to a joint offer from Dutch shipyards.

After Horvat said that the Damen and Royal IHC shipyards are preparing a joint offer, N1 contacted the shipyards and they refuted information that they are interested.

“Damen does not have any kind of interest for Croatian shipyards in Rijeka and Pula. Furthermore, no plan exists for a joint offer with Royal IHC. From what we understand in Croatian media, the future of the shipyards in Pula and Rijeka does not look good.”

Minister Horvat claims that talks were held with representatives of Damen and Royal IHC  and that IHC placed three options on the table for which they are interested.

“Whether they want to now or not, you have that information.” Was there an interest during the year? “Do you think all of these meetings would have taken place if there wasn’t an interest?” responded the minister with his own question.

Horvat recalled that Royal IHC has a registered company in Rijeka, where some 50 people are working who “in this way or that came from the 3rd of May.”

Source: HRT