Economy Minister Darko Horvat (Photo: HRT) Economy Minister Darko Horvat (Photo: HRT)

Economy Minister Darko Horvat said that the Chinese are interested in the Maritime Institute.

“At this moment information that I have received from our embassy in the People's Republic of China, points toward all the intentions we have been talking about for the past month, that there is a serious intention by the Chinese partner to agree with the Maritime Institute and participate together in coming new projects. At this time there are no serious intentions for the biggest Chinese shipbuilder to either purchase or enter into a strategic partnership with the 3rd of May shipyard or the Uljanik group,” said Horvat

A member of the Union Committee for Survival of the Third of May shipyard, Boris Bučanac said that at the third of May they are not surprised that the Chinese don't have a serious intent to purchase the shipyard.

“It is hard to comment with something smart. In the last few months we have heard a lot about these potential partners that are all interested in the 3rd of May, but nobody reacted to this except as news, so I can't say that we are surprised, but time will tell how this entire story ends. The management is doing their job and it is up to the government to see with the ship-owners and the management, if they will be able to agree upon a model on how to complete these ships. That is the last thing we are hanging on to, as far as ownership by the Chinese or a third party are concerned, time will tell if anyone has the desire and can,” said Bučanac.

Source: HRT