Economy Minister Darko Horvat (Photo: Ivica Galovic/PIXSELL) Economy Minister Darko Horvat (Photo: Ivica Galovic/PIXSELL)

When the epidemiological measure that has put a stop to Sunday trading is withdrawn government will put into public debate a legislative proposal that would see trading allowed on 14 Sunday's throughout the year. Which Sunday's will be working will be decided on by employers. A ban on trading would apply to the remaining Sundays and holidays in the calendar year.

Economy Minister Darko Horvat presented to proposal to the media today: "When you ask why 14, it is the position of the Chamber of Economy, the Chamber of Trades and Crafts, and the majority of the Croatian Employers Association, that 14 Sundays are profitable for tourist destinations. So, we supported this consensus and we agree with this kind of solution."

Source: HRT