(Photo: Robert Anic/PIXSELL) (Photo: Robert Anic/PIXSELL)

The compressor station at Velika Ludina, about 60 kilometres southeast of Zagreb, is the technologically most complex structure in the Croatian gas transport system. The state-owned gas pipeline operator Plinacro invested some 209.5 million kuna in the project, launched in mid-August 2018.

The compressor station will increase gas supply security and enable two-way transport capacity at an interconnection with Hungary, thus enabling the transport of gas from the not-yet-completed LNG terminal on the island of Krk to Hungary and third countries.

Prime Minister Plenković said that this installation, given that it enables two-way gas transport, gave a new, strategic dimension to energy and gas supply security in Croatia and opened up new possibilities for cooperation with Hungary and other countries in central and eastern Europe.

The investment is in line with EU regulation and the goals of the Croatian energy development strategy. Plenković said he expected Plinacro to also invest in other projects relating to energy security, particularly in natural gas.

Source: HRT