Finance Minister Zdravko Marić (Photo: HRT) Finance Minister Zdravko Marić (Photo: HRT)

"Now is the time for the government to deal with us who earn even in the conditions of a pandemic, even though transportation does not work, and our people have to go into self-isolation after signing a contract abroad," said Zvonimir Viduka from the Altpro Company, adding that they are the ones filling the budget and not spending from it. 

For entrepreneurs lowering taxes would be a good and long awaited decision.

“Fewer taxes on profit and increased subsidies for production investments, it's up to us to propose, Mr. Marić is a competent negotiator and he will judge what is possible,” said Viduka.

Finance Minister Zdravko Marić has announced lowering the income and profit tax rate, which he says he believes is more than enough under the circumstances.

“We definitely want to suggest the minister makes an extra step in ensuring liquidity of companies this autumn, especially in the coming six months,” said the President of the Croatian Chamber of Economy Luka Burilović.

A reduction in the Value Added Tax rate on food and the abolition of real estate sales tax are being prepared, but the date and manner of application of these tax reliefs have not yet been defined.

Source: HRT