Ivica Todorić (Sanjin Strukic/PIXSELL) Ivica Todorić (Sanjin Strukic/PIXSELL)

Prosecutors allege that in 2013 Todorić approved the payment of 1.25 million euros to a Swiss off-shore company for consulting services that were never intended to be delivered. The real owners of that Swiss company were Canjuga and Huljev, according to sources close to the investigation. Todorić was the CEO of Agrokor at the time. The money remains in the account because it was frozen by Swiss authorities at the request of Croatian prosecutors.

The suspects are charged with instigating and aiding in a breach of trust in business operations.

Ivica Todoric has been under investigation since November 2017 for amassing more than 1 billion kuna illegally. The same investigation is looking into the activities of his sons, Ivan and Ante Todorić, and 12 other Agrokor executives and accountants.

Of the suspects, the court only remanded to custody Ivica Todoric, who was taken to the Remetinec prison after his extradition to Croatia. He was released on 7.5 million kuna bail on November 20, 2018 and instructed not to leave Zagreb.