(Photo: Hrvoje Jelavic/PIXSELL) (Photo: Hrvoje Jelavic/PIXSELL)

The European Commission projects Croatia's annual growth of 7.5 percent in 2021, Plenković said, outlining the program of his new cabinet.

In this context, he said that the focus would be on the maximum utilisation of the 22 billion euros which was made available to Croatia after the 17-21 July European summit, describing this as an additional strong lever for an economic rebound.

Plenković said that the government, which is expected to be approved by parliament later in the day, would motion a bill for the post-quake reconstruction of Zagreb and its environs. The damage caused by the 22 March quake is estimated at 11.5 billion euros.

Plenković warned that Croatia would have to continue dealing with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, which was not yet abating globally.

"The pandemic will still be here with us. We need to be responsible and learn to live with the virus by complying with the measures," the prime minister said, underscoring that only through cooperation and adherence to the recommendations by professionals and experts could we overcome this challenging period and enable Croatia's economic recovery.

Plenković added that the one of the goals of his second cabinet included creating another 100,000 jobs, increasing the average monthly salary and the minimum wage and further reducing taxes.

The five priorities in the new government's agenda are social security, a promising future, economic sovereignty, strengthened statehood and global recognisability.

Source: HINA