A scene from today Digital (R)evolution conference (Photo: Marko Lukunic/PIXSELL) A scene from today Digital (R)evolution conference (Photo: Marko Lukunic/PIXSELL)

At a conference on the Digital revolution today it was noted that there is no alternative to digitalization of the economy and that without it we will not achieve the desired rate of economic growth.

“At this time we have a document in the finishing phase that will be the National Plan for Digital Transformation of the Croatian Economy, harmonized with the industrial strategy and all those top documents that Europe is preparing at this time. This so that investments can be made during the new 2021 to 2027 financial framework in the segment of Smart Europe,” said Economy Minister Darko Horvat.

“The interest of Croatian business for this topic is growing, and that is no surprise. If we see that the level of Croatian productivity is somewhere around 65% of the European Union average, then digitalization is practically the only manner in which we can increase that productivity and reach that convergence with the European Union average,” noted the President of the Association of Information Technology in the Croatian Employers Association Boris Drilo.

Source: HRT