The Sisak oil refinery. (Archive photo: Nikola Cutuk/PIXSELL) The Sisak oil refinery. (Archive photo: Nikola Cutuk/PIXSELL)

This was said at a news conference by representatives of the opposition in the Sisak-Moslavina County Assembly. They accused the government of destroying a strategically important company with its decisions and protecting Hungarian instead of Croatian interests, while the county leadership supports such decisions.

“The Sisak oil refinery is not only 600 workers, but the oil refinery is also their families, but also many other companies that work for the refinery. Closing that refinery and placing the fate of 600 people onto the street begs the question of why is it in someone’s interest to weaken the economy of the Republic of Croatia,” said Nikola Domitrović, the President of the Social Democratic Party’s Sisak-Moslavina County branch.

“We are all here for the refinery surviving in any form. Will it be classic processing of oil or some other production possibility like producing biodiesel and other energy products that can be produced here? In any case, 600 or 500 people that work at the refinery should remain employed,” said Sisak-Moslavina County Prefect Ivo Žinić from the Croatian Democratic Union.

Source: HRT